Child Dignity in the Digital World Congress

Child Dignity in the Digital World Congress was held October 2017, hosted by the Centre for Child Protection at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, in partnership with the WeProtect Global Alliance and Il Telefono Azzurro. This pioneering congress brought together global experts and decision-makers to discuss the risks and challenges of the digital age, their impact on the dignity of children and the action needed to tackle this global tragedy. It set a milestone in the international fight against child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA), exemplified by the Declaration of Rome, signed by His Holiness, Pope Francis.

The Child Dignity Alliance, established following the visionary World Congress and funded by the Human Dignity Foundation, has mobilised six different working groups to achieve the goals of the Declaration of Rome; its overarching goal being to generate global awareness of the pandemic of CSEA by building and spreading knowledge through global research and interfaith collaboration.