Working Groups


prevention research

A research group that aims to identify, evaluate, improve and disseminate the best prevention policies and practices for child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) internationally.


Global Foundational Research on Harms to Children in the Digital World

A research group, with a broader focus, that aims to utilise Prof. Caffo’s wide academic network to survey current research being conducted on CSEA, to identify gaps in the foundational understanding of where, why, how and when CSEA occurs and to fill these gaps in knowledge from the creation of new research.


Building Global Awareness

A communications working group that aims to raise global awareness of CSEA and its impact through a focused and multifaceted PR strategy, created and run with the support of Harvard PR.


Building a Multi-Faith Coalition to Protect Children in the Digital World

This groups aims to call to action religious leaders from all faiths at all levels, to raise their awareness of the prevalence and severity of CSE internationally, so they can use their influence within their communities to safeguard children from abuse and exploitation. The Ministry of Interior of the UAE is hosting an Interfaith Dialogue Forum on Nov 19th/20th to convene major religious leaders to jointly commit to prioritising the fight against CSEA.


Protecting Children from Internet Pornography

A “lobbyist” group that aims to use of the momentum of the enactment UK Age Verification Law to educate pornography companies how to best comply with the upcoming regulations they will face, and work with them to keep children off of their sites. They aim to replicate the UK’s AV Law in every country in the world.


Technology and Its Impact Upon Children

A combined research and “lobbyist” group with the broad aims of identifying the abuses that are harming children on internet platforms and products of tech companies, using technological innovation to offset these abuses, and persuading tech companies to invest in these solutions, whilst promoting a ‘safety by design’ approach for startups and new products of established tech companies.