"Technology has changed the way we live, learn, work and play. Yet, there is a dark side. Technology also facilitates the exploitation of children. We must innovate. We must catch-up. There are limits to what governments and law enforcement can do alone, but there is no limit to what governments, law enforcement and committed private sector leaders can do together."

Ernie Allen, WePROTECT Chairman and Child Dignity Alliance Member

"We need to realize that the internet is a very precious instrument for communication, for connecting people; but the internet has brought also many, many risks, and one of the major risks is the abuse of minors on the internet by the dissemination of sexual images and videos, and the use and abuse of this instrument in social media also by young people themselves."

Father Hans Zollner, President of the Centre for Child Protection and Child Dignity Alliance Member

"The world only too frequently fails to preserve the rights of children and to protect all children from abuse and sexual exploitation. The fight against child sexual abuse requires new thinking, new approaches, and a new global awareness of the importance of listening to children and their needs."

Ernesto Caffo, President and Founder of Telefono Azzurro and Child Dignity Alliance Member